How you water the garden can save you money, gallons and your plants, too

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If you water your garden right, you can save water and money and make plants healthier.

Watering with a hose allows you to direct water precisely where you need it, above the roots. That eliminates waste and reduces the chance of some diseases.

Placing rubber soaker or drip irrigation hoses around the plants is a similarly efficient method.

Other tips include watering in the morning, so the surface water doesn’t evaporate in the sun.

And water deeply, if perhaps less often, so the soil can really soak it up.

You can recycle cooking water for use in the garden so long as it’s not salted.

And choose plants native to your area since they won’t require as much water to thrive.

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6/20/2023 3:05:34 PM (GMT -5:00)

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