As Alabama lawmakers debate possible cuts to Medicaid, Alabama nursing home operators told WVUA 23’s Jack Royer it could severely hurt the quality of care provided to residents.

15,000 of Alabama’s 22,000 nursing home residents rely on medicaid to pay for care. Nursing home operators say that cuts would cause staff cutbacks which would damage quality of care.

The Alabama Nursing Home Association is an organization of most nursing homes in the state. They say Medicaid needs to be fully funded by the state in order to provide proper care to residents. Governor Bentley spoke out on Twitter to agree that Medicaid funding is crucial to Alabama’s budget.

A budget passed by the State House of Representatives at the last special session slashed $156 million from Medicaid funding. This budget version was later killed by the house.

Governor Bentley is expected to call another special session in September before the fiscal year ends on September 30th.

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