How to keep your car safe from catalytic converter theft

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jayda Russell

High heat and higher gas prices have affected how much money you spend on your car, but now there’s an added expense.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department has gotten numerous calls and reports about catalytic converters being stolen since mid-April.

Almost 78 reports have been received since then, and 40 of those happened within the last month.

Local auto shops are seeing an increase in customers with missing catalytic converters.

“I would say, maybe one or two a day at least. Something like that. So it adds up pretty quick over a year. But here lately, since people been stealing them, I probably get two to five a day. Something like that, just because they’ve been stolen,” said David Cook, who owns David’s Custom Exhaust.

He believes the car parts are in high demand for the precious metals in them.

“There’s rhoadium and platinum. And I think platinum has gotten up to about thirty thousand dollars an ounce and there’s probably half an ounce in that converter right there. Some of them got an ounce in them… They could bring a good dollar is what I’m getting at.”

Some cars are at a higher risk for theft than others, like lifted trucks or vans.

You can keep your vehicle safe by parking in a well-lit area and making sure you can hear any suspicious noises around your car.

Local churches, businesses and organizations are urged to consider security cameras and report suspicious activity if you see it to the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

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