How to celebrate safely for Easter

With Easter Sunday upon us some people have raised concerns of whether the COVID19 is still an issue, especially when it comes for large family gatherings.

“I like being around my family. We laugh and have a good time. We eat good so I’m looking forward to having a COVID free Easter,” said Tuscaloosa resident Jamarkus Coleman.

Even without COVID-19 restrictions, should relatives with underlining issues or preexisting conditions take extra precaution in large gatherings?

“Diabetes runs on the women side of my family so we try to take precautions. The older people in my family make sure they don’t get sick so sometimes we will wear a mask,” said Coleman.

Andy North, Vice President of Marketing Communications for DCH Health System said with everything going on it’s always wise to practice good health hygiene.

“Right now the thing we need to remember is all these COVID variants have a similar set of recommendations with them. That recommendation is if you are immune compromised, or you have a condition that might lend itself to you getting sicker , then you should avoid large gatherings or be extra careful when you are in a large gathering situation,” said North.

Currently at the three hospitals in the DCH Health System, there are five or fewer positive COVID cases going into Easter Sunday.

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