Student enrollment at the University of Alabama recently surpassed 37,000. Where are students living? Most of them off-campus.

The University houses roughly 10,000 students in on-campus dorms and Greek houses. 25,000 enrolled students live at off-campus apartments and large scale apartment complexes. Two of the largest are “The Retreat” and “The Woodlands of Tuscaloosa,” two corporate owned and operated large apartment complexes housing nearly 1,500 people each. Both declined to comment for this story.

Tuscaloosa police say they patrol these private apartment complexes like any other public neighborhood. They say any spike in crime is likely connected to an increased population of students during the school year.

The Woodlands uses a private security firm during the nighttime hours, and residents tell WVUA that new lighting has been installed since a robbery occurred on the property over a week ago.

On-campus housing is patrolled by the UAPD and an additional UA security presence. Police say they share the same priority as apartment complex operators: keeping students safe.

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