By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Kathryn Astle

NORTHPORT – Authorities are investigating a house fire in Northport that claimed the life of one woman and injured a firefighter.

According to Northport Fire Chief Bart Marshall, the fire started around 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon in the attic of a house on 43rd Street.

Witnesses saw smoke pouring from the house’s roof, called 911 and one neighbor tried to help.

According to witnesses, Adam Wallace ran around the house, yelling to see if anyone was inside. Hearing no one, he then kicked in the door. Again, he got no response. But, he does believe he heard a dog barking from inside.

Firefighters later discovered that a woman was inside. She was transported to DCH Regional Medical Center and later pronounced dead.

Authorities are attempting to contact the victim’s family before releasing her identity.

Chief Marshall told us the injured firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion and is expected to recover.

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