The Houndstooth played host to the first-ever “Freaking Firkin Festival” Sunday, offering a spot so craft beer lovers could try new and different flavors.

Three beers and a firkin — a small keg of specially flavored beer –were on offer from eight Alabama breweries: Druid City, Black Warrior, Cahaba, Back Forty, Sweetwater, Grayton, Fairhope and Blue Point.

“The craft beer scene in Tuscaloosa is getting more and more popular, and people are getting a lot more adventurous about trying beers,” said Mike McWhirter, beer manager for Adam’s Beverages. “So I think this is a wonderful opportunity for people to try new beers that maybe they’ve never had before. They get a little adventurous, so we hope to be able to do this again. It’s fun for us and its fun for people that like drinking beer, and I think it’s a great way to spend the afternoon.”

The festival helped breweries show off their brands and reveal their unique style, and beer fans a chance at enjoying something new.

“Individuals get exposure to other brands,” said Andrew Davis, Grayton Beer Company Regional Brewery Representative. “They get to taste beers we don’t usually put in the market and get better feel of who we are, but they’re also here to drink. So they’re here to have a good time so some education and some entertainment.”

Many people, like Monica Scicolone, said it was great for learning more about what she’s drinking.

“I’m a new-ish beer drinker, I don’t know that much about beer,” Scicolone said. “So it’s nice to kind of walk around and try new things and learn about the different types.”

Food and snacks at the festival were also provided by Jo Jo’s food truck and Steel City Pops. Tickets were $35 in advance, $40 at the door. The Freaking Firkin Festival hopes to return with next year with an even bigger selection.

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