By WVUA 23 Web Writer Rebecca Cole

Since its launch in 2005, Homework Alabama has provided over 600,000 one-on-one tutoring sessions to students and jobseekers across the state.

Homework usually isn’t the first thing students want to do after their school day is over, but an online, on-demand tutoring service is helping people all over the state of Alabama.

The Tuscaloosa Public Library hosted a celebration and demonstration of “Homework Alabama” Wednesday night to show teachers, parents and students how easy it is to get homework and job-seeking help.

The program covers more than 40 different academic subjects and test preparation resources. Help from a specialist in every subject is just a mouse click away.

“The tutor that we have available for a student might not be strong in the subject that the child needs that day,” said Rick Freemon, executive director of Tuscaloosa Public Library. “Let’s say they have math homework. Well, if the tutor in the building that night doesn’t have that skillset we have internet access and computers in all of our libraries and they can turn to that and immediately get one-on-one with a subject specialist.”

Users have good things to say about Homework Alabama, leaving comments like … “Saving my grades from high school and now in college!” and “This service is incredible … I plan to use it again for both myself and my children.”

Students say they’re doing more than getting better grades. They’re building confidence, too.

“We’ve had testimonies from children who say they never would’ve gotten out of high school without it,” said Nancy Pack, director of the Alabama Public Library.

“Seeing kids that would come in and tell the tutor ‘I hate math, I can’t do this,’ just get me through this assignment,” said Susan Del Rosario, senior director of Library Programs for Tutor.com. “By the end they are saying ‘Wow that was easy, I didn’t know that I could actually do this.’ ”

The Homework Alabama service is free and available seven days a week to everyone in the state. Go to homeworkalabama.org to find out more.


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