Story by WVUA 23’s Caroline Wood.

Multiple houses and buildings were damaged overnight late Monday and early Tuesday in parts of Bibb and Hale counties.

The storms ripped through Hale County overnight, damaging and destroying property in Greensboro. Hale County residents are thankful they were not injured in the storm.

“Thank God everyone is okay,” Hale County resident Tameka Edwards said. “Nothing but God, could have been a lot worse.”

Some residents say the noise of the storm is what made them realize they needed to take shelter.

“I was in the mirror brushing my teeth and I heard this wind just woosh like a train coming.,” Hale County Resident Terry Thomas said. “I dropped my toothbrush and I said ran in the bathroom and by the time I heard it I ran to the back room. I was faster than the wind. I ran to the backroom for shelter in my bathroom.”

Hale County officials said the storm hit around 6 a.m. and had about a four-mile path. They said the damage is mostly confined to one area.

“Here on 69 South and 25 South is most of the roof damage and home damage,” Hale County EMA Director Russell Weeden said. “We have over 100 trees down in the city.”

There was also damage in Bibb County. Tree limbs fell on top of vehicles, trapping them under debris. The damage is also affecting voter turnout in Bibb County.

“The voter turnout is low,” said Earl Lawley, assistant fire chief for the Lawley Volunteer Fire Department. “At this point in the day, we don’t have as many as we normally would have.”

There have been no reports of storm-related injuries in Bibb or Hale County.

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