Holt Senior Center receives extra funding

The Tuscaloosa County Commission approved $1,500 for the Holt Senior Center during its meeting Wednesday morning.  The funding will be used for activities, food and events for the senior participants. The activities are currently funded by some of the participants, many who really can not afford the added expense.

Although FOCUS 50+ and PARA provide facility upkeep and daily meals, there are no operating funds for the center.  It was established in 2018. It provides a free and safe place for seniors to meet and remain active, healthy, and independent.  

“The whole district out there benefits from them. Not just Holt, but the whole district, because there are people that come to the Holt Senior Center from around the county,” said Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Jerry Tingle.

Many of the participants utilize the center every day, to meet with friends in a family-like environment. 

The Holt Senior Center is located at 4002 Alabama Ave., near Evans Rochelle Park.

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