Thanksgiving is almost here and that means…. lots of food. It’s hard not to stuff your face during the holidays but here’s something to think about before you pile up your plate a mile high. That sizzling turkey and all those sides mean one thing. Thanksgiving. Just accept…there’s no way around it but you can control what you eat.

“Honestly as good as the food is down here in the south it’s gonna be really hard for people to portion out what they eat or watch what they eat. It could be as simple as portioning out, getting just one serving, a small serving, not overloading your plate, drinking ice cold water which is sometimes a natural appetite suppressant.” Says “Total Nutrition” Nutritional Consultant Chris Constant.

According to research from the Calorie Control center the average person consumes…3 thousand calories to be exact and another 15 hundred from snacking.

Cynthia Thompson says she wants to avoid overeating during the holidays “to avoid overeating of course I’m going to you know watch my portion size, not sit down on the sofa after I eat get up and move around do the dishes or a brisk walk.”

“Also another tip in terms of controlling your appetite sometimes eating a little bit slower you’ll actually find that you’ll get full a lot faster from a smaller amount of food. a lot of times it takes 15-20 mins for the average person to realize that their actually full, for the stomach to send a signal to their brain. Now if you were to over eat and indulge sometimes you’ll feel super full in the coma, food coma as people like to call it” says Constant.

Constant also says over the holidays watch *what* you eat but, be more mindful of *how* much you’re eating.

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