Story by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith.

Whether you are traveling down the street, or all the way to Nebraska, 90% of Americans drive during the holiday season.

Traveling by car is the most popular form of transportation and it is important to plan ahead to prevent any bumps in the road while driving during the holiday season.

The spokesperson for AAA of Alabama said that those who fail to plan ahead face more trouble on the road.

“It leads to a lot of congestion on the road which then leads to increased travel time increased number of accidents, and a lot of frustration,” AAA Spokesperson Clay Ingram said.

AAA of Alabama encourages all drivers to get their vehicles checked by a professional before traveling.

Inspections include:

Checking fluid levels
Wipers working properly
Battery working properly
Tire Pressure

Gas prices are not expected to rise during the holiday and those who are traveling are preparing for their return home.

“I usually make it a two-day drive since its a fourteen-hour drive so we book a hotel for the first night,” UA student and Nebraska native Kristen Day said.

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