Debit Card Fraud

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Reporting by WVUA 23’s Libbi Farrow

The morning started off like any other until local resident Bama Farr said she got a strange email in her inbox.

She said the email stated that her debit card was temporarily locked and she needed to contact a number to reactivate it right away.

“I mean, it was weird because I had not used a debit card this morning and I was surprised to see it and I thought, ‘Hmm,’” Farr said.

Northport Assistant Police Chief Keith Carpenter said these things happen all of the time.

“Well, it’s the time of year to where there are people out with good will toward others, but there are also people who are looking to take advantage of people and there are a lot of different types of scams,” he said. “Whether it be through emails, robocalls, text messages, to where they are trying to get a person’s personal – whether it be a social security number, bank account information or anything like that – to where they can take advantage of them and either steal their identity or get their finances.”

Farr described her morning as a wild goose chase as she tried to get to the bottom of what was going on.

“I went to Regions Bank and they had several people that have been saying that the same information came upon their message board,” Farr said.

According to, there are many different types of common scams and frauds such as telephone, banking, ticket and even charity scams. But, hope is not lost. Carpenter said there are ways to protect yourself from these scams and frauds.

“Just be really protective of your personal information and be aware this time of year or at any time of year that people are out there trying to get your personal information,” Carpenter said.

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