Historic Tuscaloosa hosting dinner event Thursday

By WVUA23 News Reporter Savannah Denton

TUSCALOOSA- Historic Tuscaloosa is hosting a three-course Dining Through  Time event on Thursday, Sept. 29.  The progressive dining experience will include tours of three historic Tuscaloosa properties.

Each of the properties on the itinerary has a specific connection to a particular country, which helped to determine the menu items that will be served to ticketed guests.

The event begins at the Old Tavern for French hors d’oeuvres. The tour will then move to the Jemison-Van DeGraaf Mansion for an English dish, Beef Wellington. The tour’s final course will be at the Battle-Friedman House & Gardens, where they will have Hungarian and German deserts.

Tickets were limited and Historic Tuscaloosa Executive Director Will Hawkins said they went quick.

“The sponsors sold out really fast, probably within a week or two, which sort of blew us away,” he said. “We knew we had something hot on our hands and we’re hoping this is going to be one of Tuscaloosa’s go-to, must-be-at events in the future.”

The nonprofit will also have live music, flowers and flags reflecting each country’s traditions at the three properties. All proceeds from the event will fund repairs to Battle-Friedman House.

This is the first year Historic Tuscaloosa is hosting this event and Hawkins said he hopes it will continue to grow.

“We are limited to 52 spots just because of the space we have available,” he said. “However, if it continues to grow, we will brainstorm and figure out a way to get more people involved and maybe do a staged progressive dinner. We got some ideas rolling around. We just need to figure out the details.”

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