Hinton sworn in as mayor of Northport

The city of Northport has a new mayor.  Dr. John Hinton was sworn in as Northport’s mayor Tuesday at noon. Hinton previously served as the councilman for District 3 in Northport.

Hinton currently serves as minister of music at Northport Baptist Church, where he has served and worshipped for almost 60 years. During that time he also served as the assistant superintendent of Tuscaloosa County Schools.

“I love Northport. I’ve lived here for 40+ years,” Hinton said “Northport is my home. I want to see what’s best and do what’s best for Northport,” said Hinton.

During the ceremony, Dr. Hinton spoke about the direction he would like to see for the city.

“We need a lot of things. We need more restaurants. We do not have what you’d call a first-class restaurant in Northport. I would like to see us be able to have businesses that offer opportunities for people to buy a wide assortment of goods they need,” Hinton commented.

Former Northport city councilman and president Jeff Hogg would have been next in line for mayor, but Hogg resigned as council president so he could continue serving his district.

The previous mayor, Bobby Herndon, announced his decision to resign from office Nov. 7 after council did not approve his request to rename 28th Street, where his business is located. His resignation took effect Dec. 31. 



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