Hillcrest vice principal celebrates Vols win in fashion

By WVUA23 News Student Reporter Avery Lake

It has been a sad week for Alabama fans after the 49-52 loss to the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday. Now that the start of the work week has begun Bama fans are reluctantly going to work and school trying to look forward to the team’s next match-up against the Bulldogs from Mississippi State. That did not stop this Tennessee graduate in enemy territory from keeping the loss in the minds of these grieving Crimson Tide fans.

Brad Armstrong has been the Hillcrest Vice Principal for 21 years, taking 15 years of insults from Crimson Tide fans. After the Vols won on Saturday, he knew exactly what he had to do.

Armstrong said, “I couldn’t help but give them something. There were a lot of my former students back in 2006 when Tennessee last beat Alabama that said, ‘you know coach you remember you played rocky top on the intercom system,’ and I’ll be honest with you it’s been so long ago I don’t really remember that but, I knew I had to bring something today and of course, I have to say that my wife was probably the biggest encourager, she said ‘you know you gotta give the students what they want. They’re all expecting some sort of show,’ So I busted out my Dooley orange pants and of course, any orange I had. I put a little bling on just to have a little fun with the kids. They thought it was pretty funny.”

The students at Hillcrest were greeted with that orange that Bama fans have grown to hate. A post was made on Facebook by Natalie Mills showing Armstrong’s antics and he was jubilated by the groans of Bama fans. He was also greeted with tons of laughs and jokes that he always entertained.

Vice Principal Armstrong is the happiest man in Tuscaloosa. Congratulations to him. After all, he has been waiting for 15 years.

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