Hillcrest softball honors student’s memory with ‘Live Like Cam’ fundraiser

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jocelyn Claborn

Hillcrest High School’s Lady Patriots took to the softball field Tuesday afternoon ahead of their game against the Northside Lady Rams, but instead of getting set for first pitch, the players had another goal. Raising money in memory of Cameron Prince, a Hillcrest student who died late last year.

Cameron died during a scheduled surgery to repair a heart complication, but his legacy lives on with the help of the Hillcrest family.

“This means the world to us,” said Cameron’s mother Tammy Prince. “Since Cameron’s passing, Hillcrest’s family has been very supportive showing love. This is what Cameron was all about, showing love and letting his light shine.”

On Tuesday, the Lady Patriots hosted Live Like Cam Night, offering Cameron’s parents’ the first pitch at the game and hosting a fundraiser for I Dream Big Academy‘s Cameron Prince Scholarship.

The scholarship helps ensure students in need can attend the local summer learning program offered through I Dream Big Academy. It was a cause Cameron was always looking toward supporting, said Cameron’s aunt and I Dream Big Academy CEO Lucretia Prince.

“He had the most contagious smile,” she said. “He was just the person everyone wanted to be around and most importantly, he showed love for everyone.”

There were 10 juniors on the softball team who were good friends with Cameron, and they are making sure that his legacy lives on.

“I feel like this really represents him, to have come out to support him because that’s what he did,” said Lady Patriot Chase Johnson. “He got everybody to come out and support football games and softball games, and that’s really all he was about, having everybody together.”

Fellow player Grace Hartley said he was always larger than life.

“He was a nice representation of the greatest leader,” Hartley said. “He was Christ-like and he led us into everything and every sporting event.”

While Cameron is very much missed, Katlyn Seal said his memory will never be forgotten.

“It’s amazing to see everybody who Cam impacted come together in one place at one time,” Seal said. “It’s truly amazing to see it.”

To donate to the Cameron Prince Scholarship, click right here.

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