Highway 82 in Northport and Tuscaloosa is undergoing an overdue makeover designed for speeding up traffic flow and easing congestion.

Some traffic lights will be removed or upgraded, and some median cut-throughs are being closed near the Lurleen B. Wallace and McFarland boulevards intersection, the McFarland and Skyland boulevards intersection and just north of the Woolsey Finnell Bridge.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said drivers should be patient amid all the construction.

“There are construction workers out here,” he said. “There are big, orange and white barrels out here. They’re there for a reason.”

Construction workers are people, too, he said, and don’t deserve drivers’ ire.

“Don’t talk bad to the construction workers,” Herdon said. “Don’t salute them in any way, but just be cognizant that if they’re out there doing their job, the end effect is going to be better for Northport.”

For a list of ongoing construction in the Tuscaloosa area, click here.

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