Highway 43

By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Ashlyn Irons

The Alabama Department of Transportation is in the process of repaving a vital section of Highway 43 in Northport.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said the area of the roadway near the intersection of U.S. Highway 82 has been a concern of citizens for a long time, and ALDOT finally heard their pleas for action.

“It’s a very rough ride,” Herndon said. “And in some places it’s so chopped up it feels like you’re on a gravel road, but it’s really a major highway.”

This comes after ALDOT began making improvements to the roadway farther north, putting warning lights in the New Lexington area following a slew of wrecks.

Tuscaloosa County District 1 Commissioner Stan Acker said he’s glad the department also realized the danger of something usually written off as just an annoyance.

Herndon said better roads will help aid his city more than anyone knows.

“Northport is growing, growing rapidly,” Herndon said. “We’re always thankful for the traffic because the more traffic you have more people shopping in Northport, but you have to have the great roads because people don’t want to detour around potholes and don’t want to have to pay for repairs on their cars.”

ALDOT will begin the bidding process for this project in the next couple of weeks, and hope to start repaving over the summer.

A report recently came out from the American Society of Civil Engineers that gave Alabama roads a D+.

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