The Tuscaloosa City Council voted to revoke the business license at High Tide bar, located on The Strip, following an incident from October.

Many locals, employees and students came out and spoke up in support of High Tide.

Back in October, there was a shooting at the bar when a bouncer denied entry of 28-year-old Anatwan Somerville over dress code and ID issues. Somerville responded by pulling out a gun and shooting the bouncer, who was left with non-life-threatening injuries.

This was not the sole issue that lead to the decision to revoke the business license. The bar has also often reached maximum capacity, which is a fire safety hazard. Members of the community who were in opposition felt as though other bars face similar issues that involve underage drinking, maximum capacity and crime.

“It’s real sad, man. I know these people are good, hardworking people,” said Devin Prince, a supporter of High Tide. “It really hurts me because I know they dedicate themselves to not to just their job, but getting to know the people in their community as well, and it’s just sad to see them go. I feel like it’s really not going to help the situation, what’s going on as far as the crime and stuff, because it’s all over Tuscaloosa.”

High Tide bouncer Ricky Klimbal was upset about the closing of High Tide. But, he remained optimistic that High Tide would not be gone for good.

“It hurts. It’s a big family,” Klimbal said. “It’s not going to stop us. We’re just going to regroup. I mean, if we’ve got to work at another bar, so be it.”

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