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In September, we brought you special reports on several families recovering from the flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Last week, WVUA 23’s Yostina Banoub went back to see how they’re doing. She went back to surprise them with brand new furniture with the help of High Socks for Hope.

It’s an organization founded by Chicago White Sox pitcher and Tuscaloosa native David Robertson, set up to help those affected by the April 27, 2011, tornadoes that devastated Tuscaloosa and parts of Alabama, but now they’re taking it beyond the state.

Two families — the Stiles and the Couseys — are bound by natural disaster.

“We’re family, Katrina made us family,” said Dianne Stiles.

The Stiles family experienced their first natural disaster in the Baton Rouge flood.

“We didn’t have an hour, we left,” said Dianne, “we left with the clothes on our backs.”

But this is the Causey family’s second brush with devastation.

“Going through Katrina, now that was truly, truly devastating,” said Dianna Causey.

But something good would come their way months after the August flooding.

Because when High Socks for Hope heard their stories, they wanted to help. Together we surprised both families with brand new furniture, giving them one thing they no longer have to stress about.

“I was so excited,” Dianne said. “I said finally, we’ll be under one roof again and be a family with a real bed.”

Billy and Dianne’s grandchildren finally have beds to call their own.

“They have beds from somebody who cared enough to love them,” said Dianne.

The Causey family is still living with their daughter.

But once they’re ready to move back home, their brand new beds are waiting.

“There’s no place like home,” said Alec.

“It comforts your heart so much to know people that have never seen you before are willing to take the extra step and give to people that they don’t even know and take the time to come and do the work and set the beds up,” said Dianne.

“We are really appreciative of it and we won’t take it lightly and they’ll be forever in our prayers,” said Dianna.

“Thank ya’ll for everything,” said Dianne, “because if you hadn’t aired our story, they wouldn’t have seen it and we wouldn’t have got the blessings that we did.”

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