High Socks

Reported and Written by WVUA 23 Reporter Cienna Corgliano

High Socks for Hope is raising money and supplies after a devastating tornado hit several communities in Alabama.

They hope to provide supplies that people won’t be able to easily access. That includes bedding, bathroom supplies, dishes, garbage bags to gather their belongings and even totes to hold their clothes.

High Socks for Hope Managing Director Judy Holland said overcoming such a disaster is extremely hard and that Tuscaloosa should step in to help just like other communities around Alabama helped the Druid City in 2011.

“The most important thing for us really is to raise funds, because we do long-term recovery so when everybody else leaves them, we will be there to help with beds and household furniture,” Holland said. “We try to give everybody everything they need to eat sleep and bathe. So you know we will do kitchen and bath kits, we’ll do beds, we’ll do chest of drawers and you know the things they won’t get easily.”

If you would like to donate, you can either send a check to High Socks for Hope at 3617 McFarland Blvd., donate online at the High Socks for Hope website or you can drop items off at their location.

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