Current Yankees relief pitcher David Robertson and his wife Emily started High Socks for Hope six years ago to help the victims from the tornado in Tuscaloosa in 2011.  Since then, the organization has helped countless families, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for disaster relief across the country. Their sole employee, Judy Holland is very passionate about the non-profit, and tells us that she wishes some donation sites would be more selective with what they give.

“If I donate clothing, I go to my closet and I get the very last thing that I bought. Because, I mean you know is it really a sacrifice to get your laundry from 1982 with holes in it and give it? I’m not exaggerating guy’s it’s really bad.”

Holland tells us that High Socks for Hope does not collect clothing anymore, but they have been taking in furniture and other household items. The group plans on making a trip up to Houston in the coming weeks to personally help these families recover from Hurricane Harvey. They are confident that with continued donations, they can make a great impact.

If you would like to donate, go to www.highsocks.org

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