Monday, one of the hottest day so far this year and it was also the start of pre-season summer football practice.

Bryant High School Head Football Coach Eldrick Hill says they take all precautions to make sure the students are hydrated.

The team practices four days a week from 4 P.m. until 6 P.M. when it’s slightly cooler.

But, there are other measures.

“We’ll give the kids more breaks try to get them out and into the shade and let their body temperatures cool down for 10 minutes or so that’s after been out about 30 to 35 minutes, 45 max when it starts to get over 95 degrees” says Head Football Coach Eldrick Hill.

Coach hill says his team hasn’t had any major issues.

“Nothing other than cramps, we try to make sure we hydrate the guys fairly well and on a day like Monday we will try to have Gatorade set up so everyone can come out and get at least one cup” says Hill.

It was 92 degrees Monday and the guys take advantage of that.

“You know staying hydrated is the most important thing. Coach Hill always talks about it, we get our 10 minutes breaks between workouts outside, he makes us make sure we stay well hydrated at all times” says Byrant High School Football Player Jhoany Rodriguez.

Central High School Head Football Coach Dennis Conner’s team will practice 4 days a week from 6 A.M. until 11A.M. to beat the heat.

“We stop and take a break and eat breakfast and once we get done I also make them all go and eat lunch. I make them go eat lunch whether they say coach I’m going home to eat” says Coach Conner.
Central High School’s first game this season is August 25th in Bessemer.

Bryant High School’s first game is also August 25th against Tuscaloosa County High at County high.

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