Hear Here Alabama Project hosts free clinic in Northport

Hearing loss is a common health problem among adults 50 and older, and it can make a big impact on social functioning and quality of life. 

On Friday, the University of Alabama’s Department of Communicative Disorders’ Hear Here Alabama Project staff brought their mobile clinic to Northport City Hall and offered free speech and hearing screenings to the public. 

Practicing good hearing health can be important for healthy aging. 

 And that is one of the many reasons why the staff stresses seniors should get these screenings once a year. 

“It’s really important to identify hearing loss so we can aid them with hearing aids, no matter what type they are, and really help fill their environment with rich sound,” said Hear Here Alabama project Audiologist Abigail Hubbard. 

Hearing loss can be associated with social isolation and loneliness, along with diabetes and other physical and mental conditions. 

“There is a huge correlation between hearing loss and cognitive function,” Hubbard said. “If hearing loss goes unaided for an extended amount of time, there is a lot of research that backs a huge correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline.” 

The University of Alabama Department of Communicative Disorders has a clinic on campus where residents can visit and get hearing and speech screenings. 

For more information, call 205-348-4265. 

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