Health Matters: Women’s Health News

It’s recommended that women start seeing an OBGYN yearly at the age of 18, or younger if they’re having any potential health issues, said University Medical Center OBGYN Dr. Dr. Sachin Shenoy.

Those issues include infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles, or cycles that are excessively heavy. But really, any time there’s a question, that’s a good time to see an OBGYN, Shenoy said.

“I’ve seen patients all the way from 14, 15, 16, who had questions about their bodies,” he said.

Many irregularities can be assisted through medicine including birth control pills or a hormonal IUD, he said, but the most important thing is getting a yearly pap smear and breast exam. Pap smears and breast exams can help catch certain cancers or other issues before they become bigger problems.

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