Health Matters: University Medical Center invites new patients

Looking for a doctor? University Medical Center has you covered with offices around West Alabama.

The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences operates UMC, which is the largest multi-specialty medical practice in West Alabama, said Dr. Richard Friend, dean of CCHS.

“I think our clinics are now strategically located around West Alabama,” Friend said.

Each community has its own needs, Friend said.

“Our Carrollton clinic and our Livingston clinic have family physicians who are well trained in different age groups and specialties in medicine. They can take care of just about anything.”

If patients at UMC’s rural health clinics need specialized care, telemedicine visits with doctors are available, as are referrals to larger clinics with specialty services.

“We have made every effort to be as accessible to West Alabama as we can be and try to understand the need of individual communities and West Alabama globally,” Friend said.

Watch the full interview below:

For all your primary health care needs, visit University Medical Center, with locations in Tuscaloosa, Northport, Demopolis, Fayette, Carrollton and Livingston.

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