Health Matters: Stress Symptoms

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

Mental health and stress are a fact of life for most of us these days, especially with the lingering effects of COVID-19.

However, there are some physical signs and symptoms to look out for to know if your stress levels have reached a danger zone.

“A long time ago, a famous psychologist, Han Solai, came up with a Stress Diatheses Model, which says you can cope well with stress at first, even if stress levels are increasing,” said Dr. John Burkhardt. “But once you get to a certain level, that’s when your performance and focus start to decrease.”

Burkhardt said if you experience stress for an extended period of time, you may start to experience physical symptoms, such as achy muscles, a sore neck, higher blood pressure or stomach aches.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to talk to your doctor immediately.

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