Health Matters: Sports medicine

Sports medicine isn’t just for collegiate or professional athletes, as anyone who’s active can benefit. These specialists can treat acute injuries like fractures, sprains and dislocations, and also treat patients for chronic overuse injuries including tendonitis and degenerative diseases.

These days, sports medicine specialists are also watching out for potential mental health issues, especially when it comes to college athletes, said University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences Assistant Professor Dr. Ray Stewart.

“Being in sports medicine and taking care of athletes is not an 8 to 5 job for sure,” Stewart said. “Most of the reason most of us do this job is because we love sports and being around teams and being part of a team. Most of us are former athletes who have finished our careers or retired for various reasons. We are trying to get back to part of that again. That’s the nice part. It is a lot of hours and work, but it’s rewarding seeing people succeed and do well because of something you were able to help them with.”

Watch the entire interview with Stewart below.

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