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Getting health care in rural areas is a complicated endeavor, but University Medical Center is devoting resources to ensuring rural Alabamians get the care they deserve.

“I think we know that folks in rural areas, especially in rural Alabama just have more negative health outcomes than those who live in bigger cities like Tuscaloosa and Birmingham,” said UMC Dr. Catherine Lavender.

How rural patients are cared for has changed over the years, but there have always been efforts to get doctors into rural Alabama.

“That’s what drew me to rural Alabama about 17 years ago,” Lavender said. “What we are discovering is that we can do that even if we can’t put a full-time physician in a rural area, we can support a rural clinic that might be staffed by a group of physicians or nurse practitioners who go to that area throughout the week.”

University Medical Center has officers in Tuscaloosa, Carrollton, Demopolis, Fayette and Northport.

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