Health Matters: Minimally-invasive gynecological surgery

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyle Hamrick

Gynecological surgeries used to be major operations that left patients with hospital stays and long recovery times. But as technology has advanced, so have operations that maintain and improve women’s health.

Dr. Sachin Shenoy, an obstetrician and gynecologist at University Medical Center, specializes in this new field of minimally-invasive gynecological surgery.

He said modern advancements in medicine have made big incisions and long hospital stays a thing of the past in most cases.

“We’re able to take a small little camera, about the size of your pen, then place it in the abdomen and then make a small, one centimeter, even less than a centimeter incision, and we’re able to introduce all our instruments and do all sorts of surgeries,” Shenoy explained.

He uses this technique in his practice, performing hysterectomies and addressing problems with ovary cysts, myomectomies, fibroids and more.

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