Health Matters Fad Diets

At one time or another we’ve all wanted to shed a few pounds. University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences faculty member and registered dietician Suzanne Henson discusses how you can avoid fad diets and stay on track with your weight loss goals.

“In the two decades I’ve been working in this field, the thing that will always work is balance and not eliminating any one food group,” Henson said.

Some people may need to shift their eating habits a little more toward new food groups, like eating more vegetables.

“In the 1990s, we were eating very high carbohydrate diets,” Henson said. “Now we know that maybe not everybody needs as much as I was planning when I started in this profession but we all need all the food groups.”

Fad diets usually aren’t sustainable, Henson said, and the pounds come back once the diet is over. Instead, anyone wishing to lose some weight should try for a balanced diet featuring more vegetables and fewer processed foods or caloric beverages.

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