Health Matters: Hypertension during pregnancy

A healthy mom means there’s a better chance for a healthy baby, and one major issue doctors watch out for during pregnancy is hypertension.

University Medical Center OBGYN Dr. John McDonald said it’s important that moms-to-be keep track of their blood pressure throughout their pregnancy.

“We take blood pressure every time a patient presents to our clinic when they’re pregnant,” McDonald said. “We’ll tell them to be aware that they may be starting to exhibit signs of high blood pressure, and sometimes it can be severe enough that we call it preeclampsia.”

If a pregnant woman’s blood pressure rises closer to their baby’s due date, that’s a sign that she may need to go ahead and have the baby, McDonald said.

“We tell our patients to be aware of how often your baby’s moving,” he said. “Are you having a headache that won’t go away? Are you developing abdominal pain that will not go away?”

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