By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Olivia Whitmire

It’s a bad flu season this year, and it’s not over yet. Dr. Rick Streiffer talks about the importance of getting your flu shot and how it works with Dr. Louanne Friend, a nursing faculty member and a member of University Medical Center.

Friend suggests always getting your flu shot, even though there is still the risk of getting infected.

“Science is always getting better and I hope that will have more efficacious vaccines going forward but that’s not something that we can really predict,” Friend said. “Unfortunately, you have other flus that come from traveling internationally, but I’m confident that the flu vaccines that are made available will help us.”

Streiffer says if you never got your flu shot go ahead and look into it now.

“They can go ahead and get it and be protected against what can still be a long flu season,” Streiffer said. “Next year, get your flu shot early and be sure that everyone around you does so that we have better immunity in the whole community.”

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