Health Matters: All of Us project

University Medical Center is part of a nationwide research effort focused on building an extensive health database to better learn how genetics and other factors are involved in people’s health. The All of Us Project, put together by the National Institutes of Health, is looking for 1 million participants.

University of Alabama Institute for Rural Health Research Founding Director Dr. John Higgenbotham said people involved in the study get a whole lot of medical information about themselves for free.

“One of the things this study will do is look at those risk factors that people have,” Higgenbotham said. “This study will do the entire genome for everybody who participates. We will report back to them 59 known genetic risk factors for disease and outcomes, and some of those are related to birth. We can use that to bring them better care earlier for the best possible outcome.”

The entire interview is available below.

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