Hay Court residents say they’re fed up with gun violence

Over the past year, Hay Court apartments in West Tuscaloosa has been the site of at least five shootings. The most recent of those happened Monday night, in which five people were shot.

WVUA 23 went back out to Hay Court Tuesday morning, just hours after the latest shooting.

People who call Hay Court home said they’re frightened and fed up with the violence.

“You are laying in your bed at night,” 71-year-old Maggie Washington said. “Sometimes people are shooting. Sometimes you have to get out of bed and get under the bed to keep bullets from hitting you.”

Washington said she’s lived at Hay Court since 2011 when her home was destroyed by the April 27, 2011, tornado. On cool spring days, she said she enjoys sitting on her front in her rocking chair. But some days, she said, she’s too afraid to go outside.

“That makes me feel scared,” Washington said. “It makes me feel scared to come out of my door. Am I going to come out of my door, and somebody goes ‘boom boom’ by the time I walk out the door? I don’t know. That makes me kind of scared to try to go out the door to try to go anywhere.”

Jeronscoe Graye doesn’t live in Hay Court, but frequents the area often to visit his grandmother.

“I worry about her daily living out here,” he said.

Graye said the young age of so many of the people accused of shootings is troubling and said recreational additions to areas like Hay Court could help keep kids out of trouble.

“It is very sad simply because there is not a lot of awareness that goes on around here,” Graye said. “If they had more basketball goals or more things to do for the kids, the parents would get involved too because they will see a lot of creative juices in that situation. ”

Graye and Washington have this message to those bringing this gun violence to their homes.

“Put the guns down and pick up more books and read more,” Graye said. “Listen more, watch more, and speak less.”

“It really needs to stop,” Washington said. “People are crazy doing crazy stuff. It just needs to stop.”

No suspects or persons of interest from Monday’s shooting have been publicly named at this time.

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