Hawaii volcano eruption has some on alert, draws onlookers


The Associated Press

HILO, Hawaii (AP) – Despite assurances that lava from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa isn’t threatening communities, some residents are remaining vigilant.

For Nicole Skilling, the first eruption in 38 years of the world’s largest active volcano is bringing back bad memories.

She fled from another Hawaii volcano in 2018.

Back then she lived near the community where lava destroyed more than 700 homes.

She relocated to the South Kona area, only to find herself packing her car with food and supplies after Mauna Loa erupted late Sunday.

Officials say the areas where lava is emerging are far from homes and communities.

The eruption has also drawn onlookers to a national park for views of the event that are said to be “spectacular.”

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11/30/2022 8:44:06 AM (GMT -6:00)

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