Have a fire pit in your yard? Make sure said fire stays in said pit

Fire Pit Safety

It’s getting chilly outside in the evenings, and that means families around West Alabama are firing up their fire pits. But all the s’mores, drinks and happy conversation don’t cancel out the inherent dangers of building that backyard blaze.

Ready-made fire pits are available for as little as $50 at most local hardware or big-box stores, but there are plenty of people who build their own.

<p><p>”More and more people are building their own fire pits,” said Northport Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Roger Potter. “Most of them should be tested. Make sure when you’re building a fire pit that it’s a small fire pit so if you do have an emergency, you can quickly put it out.”</p><p>Here’s what you should keep in mind while you’re keeping warm outside:</p></p>

  • Don’t use a liquid fire starter like gasoline or kerosene. Instead, use a natural fire starter with a long match or long lighter
  • Never set up a fire pit, campfire or burn pile within 25 feet of any structure
  • Check wind directions so embers don’t blow toward any areas where people, pets, structures or vehicles may be
  • Remove any dry vegetation from the area where your fire will be
  • Never leave the fire unattended

<p><p>“You always want to watch your campfire and be sure to watch the small children and any pets coming around the campfire,” Potter said. “It’s a good time spent with the family outside and we just want to make sure that you’re safe and continue to have a good time.”</p></p>

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