A Tuscaloosa bar is making sure its customers can still get crazy during the pandemic.

Harry’s Bar is now offering its notorious “Krazy Buck-its” to go. For $30, customers will get a silver bucket and a brown bag of alcohol and mixers that they can take home. Although no one is allowed inside the bar, patrons are asked to call Harry’s once they arrive outside and to place their ID and card on the table before ordering.

Harry’s, like many Tuscaloosa businesses, is thinking of creative ways to stay afloat during this crisis.

“What we are doing here is we’re putting all the good juices and stuff in there all the alcohol we’ll sell to you in a bag you get to go home and mix up your own crazy bucket at the house and then the initial cost is $3o but you get to keep the bucket,” Jake French, the owner of Harry’s Bar, said. “I’m just glad essential businesses are open.”

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