Hank Poore Foundation hosts Ale on Wheels

Hank Poore Foundation

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

The Hank Poore Foundation hosted its first-ever Ale on Wheels event Oct. 8, offering a fun-filled event raising money so people with disabilities can afford life-changing equipment.

The foundation is named for Hank Poore, a Tuscaloosan who has cerebral palsy. Hank’s power wheelchair gave him a sense of independence he wouldn’t otherwise have, and ensuring others have the same chance is the reason he started up his foundation.

Thanks to his power wheelchair, Hank can work at Heritage House and Urban Cookhouse, and also enjoy outdoor activities.

“He actually works at Urban Cookhouse three nights a week and at Heritage House four days a week,” said Hank’s mother, Kathy Poore. “He has a specially made tray on the back of his wheelchair, he delivers food, and you know he loves it, he helps the community and he makes money.”

Poore said they more than met their fundraising goal, meaning they’ll be doing more than they dreamed.

“We’ve made about $52,000 between our sponsors and ticket sales,” Poore said. “We are just really looking forward to giving back to the community.”

The Ale on Wheels event featured food, drinks and live music.

Long Poore family neighbor Ashley Ferry said it’s so important to provide others the same opportunities that Hank has had.

“Hank’s been able to water ski, snow ski, he has done countless marathons, he cycles, he does so much and they want to be able to give those opportunities to other people who may not have them,” Ferry said. “We are hoping to raise awareness in the community but also provide recreational opportunities for people in West Alabama.”

If you couldn’t attend Ale on Wheels, you can support the Hank Poore Foundation right here.

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