By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Madison MacLean

There’s nothing like a good ghost story on Halloween.  But, there may be more going on at one historic Tuscaloosa home than story-telling.

Event Manager of the Drish House Vikki Grodner said something spooky was going on at the house.

“Our security detail indicated they saw a figure behind one of their security professionals in the tower itself,” she said. “And these were people that were a bit skeptical.”

At the Drish House people have reported seeing the ghost Sarah Drish lighting candles through the window in memory of her dead husband.

At Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue’s Station Number One, things weren’t quite as scary.  Firefighters handed out candy to hundreds of costumed kids.  They had some treats for adults as well: free smoke detectors.  Smoke detectors dramatically increase your entire family’s chances of escaping a house fire unharmed-a Halloween treat that will help you sleep better year round.


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