halloween, trick or treat

Once a year, people of all ages have an excuse to dress up as their favorite character.
For children, Halloween means candy and costumes.
It is one of the best nights of the year to be a kid, but taking some simple precautions will help ensure a fun and safe night for everyone.
“Parents need to make sure they are aware o

f their children’s location,” Tuscaloosa Police Department Lt. Teena Richardson told WVUA 23. “Children need to be accompanied with an adult or someone who is responsible to take care of them while they’re out. They need to have reflective clothing on so that they are visible to people that are traveling in vehicles as well as others that may be out trick or treating,” she said.

Always plan a safe route in advance for your trick or treaters.
Be aware of your surroundings while you’re out.

But, Halloween isn’t just for kids, so law enforcement officials want to urge everyone to be careful.
“Whenever it comes time to pick out your costume this Halloween the options can be overwhelming, you can be anything from cute little elf to superman, which you can never go wrong with. Whatever it is you choose for your little one, Lt. Richardson reminded us to put safety above all else.
“Halloween is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time for kids,” she said.

Tuscaloosa Police Department wants to encourage families to bring their trick-or-treaters to their east and west precincts as well as to their headquarters Halloween night. Officers will be giving out candy!

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