Halloween is over, but candy leftovers are forever

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By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Zoe Blair

It’s Nov. 1 and that means parents may well be raiding their children’s Halloween candy stash or, better yet, stocking up on discounted goods at the grocery store. No matter what, just about everybody has some kind of sweet treat to snack on today. Here are some time-honored favorites. If they’re missing from your candy pile, there’s still time to stock up.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Specifically, Reese’s pumpkins, because we all know that they taste better when they’re shaped like a jack-o-lantern.

Protip: Freeze one of these puppies for a deviously delectable delight.


The house handing out king-size Snickers bars is top-tier, but the miniatures have the perfect chocolate/caramel/peanut ratio.


It’s spooky how great this candy is. Even in mini form, it’s hard to get enough of it. And the Halloween Orange ones? KitKat, why did you stop selling those? Pumpkin Pie KitKats look the same but are far inferior.

Laffy Taffy

Sure, the taffy is good, but the best part of getting a Laffy Taffy on Halloween is reading the jokes on the back of the wrapper. If you wear braces or are at all worried about your teeth, you should probably avoid, though.


Just like Snickers minis, pint-size Twix bars really hit different.


One chocolate bar brand, a million options. Cookies and cream, chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate and don’t forget the top-tier Crunch bar dupe the Krakel.


Mini Nerds boxes are hands-down one of the best Halloween candies. It’s a perfect portion of crunchy tartness with only the vaguest hint of fruit flavor. But is anybody really gonna go for grape over berry? No, because it all tastes the same in the end.


Nobody appreciates the Heath bar these days, but when you find one tucked down in the dredges of a candy bowl? It’s a really good day.


If you don’t want to eat your Twizzlers, try using them as a straw, or a rope. Really, the possibilities are endless. And hey, what happened to the Halloween special caramel apple flavor from a few years back? It better be back in 2023.

Candy Corn

The saying “save the best for last” is true in this case, candy corn is a Halloween staple. Nowadays there are a ton of flavors, so if you don’t like the tried and true … whatever flavor original candy corn is, you can try caramel apple, pumpkin spice (why God, why?), s’mores and a whole bunch of other flavors from brands including Brach’s (the candy corn king), Jelly Belly and Sour Patch. Candy corn is the new Easter jelly bean. So many brands making so many flavors.

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