Hale County Superintendent has a plan to improve students’ test scores

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WVUA 23 News caught up with Hale County Superintendent Michael Ryans to see how the first week of school went.

\Ryans said he is overjoyed to be back in school with students and staff.  He’s optimistic about incorporating new ideas for a successful school year.

“Our plans are to go back and look at the data of academics socially and address those issues. We know we have the deficits, and we know what we need to work on. We’ve already developed a plan to start to improve our test scores and improve the everyday procedures that we have at those schools,” said Ryans.

Superintendent Ryans said he has one motto for this school year.

“To put your best foot forward… …We have to make the best better,” said Ryans.

Superintedent Ryans posted a back-to-school message on the Hale County’s Board of Education website.  In it he outlines his mission for this school year.



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