Hale County residents: Road complaints get hostile response from officials

Hale County Flooding 2

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jacyn Abbott

Residents who have been complaining about the conditions of their small dirt road in Hale County off Highway 29 just outside Moundville say that while the county made token improvements, their issues are far from over.

Greenleaf Road is a red dirt and clay mix road that turns into a muddy, impassable mess any time it rains, and flash flooding throughout September made things even worse, residents said.

Last month, neighbors reached out for help from Hale County officials. County maintenance workers poured crushed rocks along the path, but it didn’t stay in place for long. Not to mention, the fire hydrant stationed at the end of the road remains buried under a big pile of dirt.

Tina Averett, who lives on Greenleaf Road, said traversing the road is like putting her car in God’s hands, and said she’s far from the only person complaining. At least six people contacted the Hale County Commission’s office with the same complaints, she said.

<span class>“When you hit the slag and if you are going any kind of speed at all, you are still sliding everywhere and your car bottoms out,” Averett said. “You have to drive really slow or you’ll mess your vehicle up and when we contacted the (Hale County) Road Commission, they said they didn’t want to hear anything else out of anyone on Greenleaf Road.”</span>

Another big problem? Residents on the road said they’re waiting an excessive amount of time for trash pickup because garbage trucks can’t make it along the road when it’s wet.

Resident Dan Davis said he doesn’t understand how construction trucks can come through but school buses and garbage trucks can’t.

<span class>“I don’t understand why they don’t let the trash truck or the school bus come up the road,” Davis said. “I do not have children in school at this time, but we have some neighbors who do and they need that service here.”</span>

A bridge on the road is another major concern, residents said, and many of them believe the bridge is the thing keeping buses from traveling along the road. Instead, residents must take their children to and from the bus stop.

<span class>Averett said she wants the road fix so buses can come and go and residents don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll make it where they’re going in one piece. </span>

<span class>WVUA 23 News reached out to Hale County Commissioner Scott Hallman regarding this story, but did not hear back.<br></span>

hale county flooding 2

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