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Hale County is currently reporting no positive cases of COVID-19. But, they are prepared for it.

Hale County Hospital has been screening and testing people. Patients first get screened and have their temperature taken. If the person’s temp is 100.4 or higher, they are taken to the mobile hospital.

EMA Director Russell Weeden said this is part of their pandemic plan that’s been in the works for 15 years.

“Anybody that we suspect that may have this, we don’t let them inside the hospital,” he said. “Even if they’re very sick, they can stay in our mobile hospital until they’re treated and released.”

Weeden said they’ve had around 50 people get screened since last week, and tested nine for showing symptoms. One major symptom they’re watching out for is a high fever.

“If you have those patients that have a fever, then that leads you to believe that they’re possibly contagious,” said Tracy Fondren, who works in infection prevention at Hale County Hospital. “So to keep anything contagious out of the hospital, to minimize the amount of people exposed to it, we take care of those people out here at this trailer.”

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