Habitat For Humanity

Coronavirus has caused families to lose income, but some local businesses and organizations teamed up to make sure they won’t go hungry.

Ellen Potts, executive director of Habitat for Humanity, said Southern Ale House, FIVE’s American Lunch Food Truck and other area eateries are feeding Habitat families in this time of need.

“It really is a humbling experience to see how our community has come together to serve people in need during this time,” she said. “Chuck’s Fish and FIVE are delivering food twice a week to several of our homeowners throughout this time and Southern Ale House is feeding 66 families over three days this week with food for about eight people.”

Potts said more than 80% of their homeowners have lost income in some capacity while others are just trying to make ends meet due to reduced hours. She added that this effort is helping provide for nearly 80 families, including the Wells family.

“Myself, I’m very blessed because I am still working from home, I’m still earning a paycheck but I do have two children here so I’m having to cook every single day along with my regular work schedule and then provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, so this food is definitely a relief for me having to work so hard.” Markeida Wells, a Habitat homeowner and food recipient, said.

Potts said she hopes more community partners will step up and join the cause.

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