Guns taken, veterans memorial vandalized in Tuscaloosa

The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority is searching for answers after several memorials at Veterans Memorial Park in front of University Mall were found vandalized.

Veterans Memorial Park features five battle crosses, statues representing fallen soldiers containing a pair of boots, a rifle and a helmet. Many also feature dog tags from soldiers who died in the line of duty.

Earlier this week, PARA learned that several of those battle crosses are now missing their guns.

“We have five battle crosses representing the major conflicts in our history,” said PARA Public Relations and Marketing Manager Becky Booker. “The World War II gun and helmet were vandalized, and we’re missing the gun on the Korean battle cross.”

Booker said that while the guns may look real, there’s no sense in taking them.

“It’s important to note that all the guns are replicas,” Booker said. “They’ve been all modified so they cannot be fired.”

Booker said this is a sad moment for Tuscaloosa because the park honors soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our country. To take that from them is despicable.

But Veterans Memorial Park will be making repairs and even improvements, Booker said.

“These are people who have fought to keep our country free,” she said. “That is truly what these families and what these crosses represent.”

PARA has not yet reported this incident to the police.

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