Women Guns

More women are packing heat, according to a study from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Plus One Tactical Advantage in Cottondale owner Cary Baisden said he’s seeing more and more women in the store, wanting firearms lessons or shopping for a gun.

Baisden said this interest is sometimes spiked by violent crime in the news, but it’s especially apparent when something tragic happens close to home.

Last week, mother and daughter Paige and Kaci Mitchell of Moundville were found dead in their home, victims of a shooting. Police say the killer was Brad Gray, who shot himself Thursday and died of his injuries Sunday. Gray and Paige Mitchell were at one point in a relationship.

“It does raise their alarm status,” Baisden said. “We do hear that from time to time when women come in.”

Many of those women, Baisden said, are looking for protection while they’re exercising on their own.

“A lot of people like to run late at night or out in the evenings,” Baisden said. “They don’t necessarily feel as safe now, and they want small, concealable weapons they can carry on their person.”


Concealing a gun in Alabama requires a permit, but open carry does not.

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