Gubernatorial candidate demands immediate gas tax repeal

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Elise Anzaldua

A candidate on the GOP ticket for Alabama’s governor’s race was in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday, encouraging Gov. Kay Ivey to suspend and repeal Alabama’s 2019 10-cent gas tax.

Lindy Blanchard hosted a campaign stop at the Chevron gas station on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa, highlighting her desire to end the gas tax and lower Alabama’s gas prices.

“When I was married with one child and one on the way, there were weeks that we were deciding, ‘OK, do we buy meat this week or fill up our gas tank?’ ” Blanchard said. “That’s what people are thinking now in Alabama. We are so close to the same tax rate as California, and Alabamians can’t afford that. We aren’t making what Californians are making.”

Blanchard said Alabamians are paying the highest prices in state history on top of the gas tax, and she wants to find new ways for funding projects in the state so residents aren’t taxed even more.

“I’ll be the governor that’s not the dealmaker for the big business and the woke corporations but the dealmaker for the voters that vote me in,” Blanchard said.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim James has also come out in favor of repealing Alabama’s 10-cent gas tax.

Blanchard is amid a crowded field vying for the GOP’s seat in the gubernatorial election. Other candidates include:

  • Lew Burdette
  • Stacy Lee George
  • Kay Ivey (incumbent)
  • Tim James
  • Donald Trent Jones
  • Dean Odle
  • Dave Thomas
  • Dean Young

Gubernatorial candidates for the Democrat side include:

  • Yolanda Rochelle Flowers
  • Malika Sanders Fortier
  • Patricia Salter Jamieson
  • Arthur Kennedy
  • Chad “Chig” Martin
  • Doug “New Blue” Smith

The Alabama primary election is happening May 24.

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